Learnership Services that QBS provides:

  • Handling of all administration to ensure total compliance to learnerships
  • Completing learnership agreements will all learners, the training provider and the organisation
  • Ensuring that all agreements are registered with the relevant Seta
  • Ensuring that all training data is uploaded onto the system and all relevant reports are provided in order to complete skills development and
  • learnerships for the organisation.
  • Liaising with the accredited training provider with regards to the learners progress;
  • Continuous liaison with the relevant Seta and administering of Leanership grant pay-outs due to your organisation;
  • Ensuring that learnership agreements are given through to accountants to be submitted with the company’s tax return in order to ensure tax incentives are achieved;


  • An employee with increased relevant skills;
  • Increased productivity from employees;
  • SETA pays Learnership grants per Learner ;
  • There are subsidies for allowances for previously unemployed learners;

A tax allowance in the form of a R25,000 deduction will be permitted when a Learnership Agreement is signed and
a further R25,000 when the Learnership is successfully completed.