Employment Equity

QBS aims to ensure that you are able to comply with Employment Equity in the most meaningful manner. We not only help you to comply with legislation and avoid exorbatent financial penalties but aim to ensure that EE compliance is in line with your organisation strategies and BEE objectives.

We’ll assist you to eliminate all forms of unfair discrimination and harassment, remove barriers to employing designated groups and allow creation of equal opportunities in your workplace. Most importantly, we help you to make sense of the Employment Equity Act and ensure that compliance is not just a paper-based exercise but adds strategic value to your organisation.

Our services include

  • Conducting an analysis of your workforce profile
  • Identifying barriers towards the appointment and retention of designated employees
  • Brainstorming with management relating to the most beneficial employment equity advisory forum
  • Coordination and establishment of employment equity advisory forum
  • Training to the employment equity forum relating to the employment equity act
  • Facilitation and completion of the company’s employment equity policy and plan
  • Compiling Employment Equity Reports
  • Employment Equity Numerical Goal Development
  • Employment Equity Income Differential Development
  • Submitting all required information to the Department of Labour to ensure full compliance and avoid any penalties imposed by the Department of Labour.
  • Dispelling the misconceptions around EE through knowledge and sensitisation