Doing business in today’s legislative framework may sometimes be quite daunting to companies whose principle focus is to ensure its profitability and continued success.

Quadrant Business Solutions is ideally placed to assist companies with the required processes.

It is important that compliance to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment does not occupy your staff and distract them from their day to day duties, however, BBEEE is not just a once-off event but  an ongoing process which requires extensive attention.

In this regard it is important to formulate a comprehensive BBBEE strategy plan, which has to be implemented and monitored to ensure maximum points and benefits to the company. The success of the process is determined by having a thorough understanding and knowledge of the BBBEE codes of good practice..

Partnering with QBS will ensure the following benefits.

  • Keep your business healthy and ensuring positive growth with a good BBBEE scorecard.
  • BBBEE scorecards are required by your customers for their BBBEE benefit and procurement purposes.
  • More time to focus on your own business; QBS will monitor your scorecard and keep records of any changes that might influence your rating.
  • QBS will contact all your suppliers and obtain their BBBEE certificates and keep them up to date.
  • QBS will implement and compile all your BBBEE documentation required for a successful rating. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to streamline your documentation to ensure quick and easy verification.
  • We meet with our clients regularly to keep them up to date with any progress made. We are committed to work on our client’s progress right through the year and not only before rating.
  • QBS are experts in the field of the Employment Equity Act as well as the Skills Development Levies Act. Therefore we will assist you with full compliance with the aforementioned Act’s and will facilitate these two elements to optimize your companies benefits and to steer your company to the best possible BBBEE rating.
  • QBS will keep our client’s up to date with any amendments to the BBBEE act and we will advise our client’s accordingly.

For more information please contact us or send us an enquiry via E-Mail.

Note: Our first meeting/consultation is free of charge.