About Our Services


We aim to be the leading business consultancy relating to the Labour Relations Act, Skills Development Act, Employment Equity Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. We will always serve our clients with integrity, honesty and professional ethics.


We utilize our skills and experience to assist groups and organisations in the work environment to function at their optimum level. This may involve enhancing or facilitating internal employee interactions and managing external client relationships. We will act in such a manner that synergies between different departments of companies are identified and utilized to enhance company profitability and employee well being.

Our company is committed to provide constant client satisfaction and will not compromise on our quality of work and excellent service levels.


Quadrant Business Solutions only employs highly skilled and educated staff members in order to ensure the best service to our clients. All our staff have completed tertiary degrees in their respective fields of specialisation and are highly professional in their conduct with clients.

Our staff members have at least ten years’ experience in their respective field of expertise and our Skills Development Facilitators have represented approximately 20% of all companies going through the process during the first skills development year.


Quadrant Business Solutions offers a wide variety of services in respect of our varying Labour Laws in South Africa and offers to company’s a one stop solution to all their Industrial Relations and Human Resources requirements.

We can provide to companies the following services:

Other Human Resource Services

We also, in addition, provide the following Human Resource services:

  • Systematic development of Job Descriptions for all relevant positions within a specific organization;
  • Implementing a job grading system – linked to a pay system through a process of job evaluation that has numerous advantages to the organization;
  • Performance management systems, designed to achieve business goals & objectives;
  • Career and Succession planning for staff across the organisation’s hierarchy;
  • Building a Personal Learning Architecture which emphasizes the importance of developing a culture of self-managed/ life-long learning and development with numerous benefits to the organization and individual alike.